27 січня 2011

Markets and Moralities

Markets and Moralities: Ethnographies of Postsocialism by: Caroline Humphrey, Ruth Mandel (eds)
Before the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, private marketeering was regarded not only as criminal, but even immoral by socialist regimes. Ten years after taking on board western market-orientated shock therapy, post-socialist societies are still struggling to come to terms with the clash between these deeply engrained moralities and the daily pressures to sell and consume. This book explores the new market and its resulting contradictions in a rapidly developing Eastern Europe and Russia. Will Western fast-food industries irrevocably alter local culinary practices? What effect has the privatization of land had upon ownership and exchange? What role do new commodities play within the household? Based on original, first-hand ethnography, this book is a long-awaited addition to existing literature on post-socialist societies. It will be essential reading for students of anthropology, sociology, European and cultural studies, as well as professional groups working in Eastern Europe and Russia, including NGOs, development organizations and businesses.


1 The Market in Everyday Life: ethnographies of postsocialism
Caroline Humphrey and Ruth Mandel
Part One: Trading Cultures, Market Ambiguity, and Historical Transformation
2 Women and the Culture of Entrepreneurship in Soviet and Post-Soviet Azerbaijan
Farideh Heyat
3 The Shame and Pride of Market Activity: Morality, Identity and Trading in Postsocialist Rural Bulgaria
Deema Kaneff
4 Heritage and Enterprise Culture in Archangel, Northern Russia
Julian Watts
5 Dealing with Money: Zlotys, Dollars and Other Currencies in the Polish Highlands
Frances Pine
Part Two: Consumption and Modernities
6 Of Moths and Men: Cleanliness, Intimacy and Progress in Romania
Adam Drazin
7 Re-constructing the 'Normal': Identity and the Consumption of Western Goods in Estonia
Sigrid Rausing
8 Manufacturing the new Consumerism: Fast-Food Restaurants in Postsocialist Hungary
Andr P. Czegldy
Part Three: Rural and Institutional Transformations
9 Coping with the Market in Rural Ukraine
Louise Perrotta
10 Mongolia in the 'Age of the Market': Pastoral Land-use and the Development Discourse
David Sneath
11 Broadening the Concept of Privatization: Gender and Development in Rural Kazakhstan
Rosamund Shreeves
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